Our CoolShirt Market

SAH CoolShirt

SAH CoolShirt Systems helps to keep our valued human resources focused on what matters, their job; rather than intrusive, distracting thoughts about how hot and uncomfortable they are. People who would benefit from using SAH CoolShirt Systems are some of most dedicated people, despite undesirable and often dangerous conditions.

Surgeons, fire personal, police, military personal, and those working in heat producing industries deserve the very best. SAH CoolShirt Systems is a major step towards providing these individuals a cooling environment while temperatures around them soar.

Even those weekend worriers out exercising, running, or jogging can benefit from some of the SAH CoolShirt Systems’ line of products. As the regional distributor of CoolShirt products in the Middle East, we understand heat and heat exhaustion. Imagine doing your daily run with the Middle Eastern sun beating down on you, hard to imagine yourself feeling cool throughout your workout but with our technology that is possible. SAH CoolShirt Systems has the potential to make being dedicated to a healthy lifestyle easier. It also has the potential to make those who suffer from conditions that create heat intolerance the ability to live out their daily lives with less worry and discomfort.

Cool Vest provided a significant level of comfort for me doing the surgeries and I feel that I was to perform at a much more efficient level

Paul Holman

Medicinae Doctor